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UMD Campus from above


Portrait of Katie Davidovich

Katie Davidovich

Portrait of Joseph Criscuoli

Joseph Criscuoli

Marketing, Sales, Publications & Outreach Coordinator
Portrait of Chris Sazama

Chris Sazama

Associate Director
Portrait of Lisa Press

Lisa Press

Assistant Director, Meeting Planning & Delegated Procurement
Portrait of Malia Witherspoon

Malia Witherspoon

Assistant Director of Hospitality
Portrait of Sherrita Rose

Sherrita Rose

Business Manager
Portrait of Jennifer Bradley

Jennifer Bradley

Senior Program Manager
Portrait of Ashley Burneston

Ashley Burneston

Program Manager
Portrait of Kelly Hedgepeth

Kelly Hedgepeth

Meeting Services Manager
Portrait of Linda Mendelsohn

Linda Mendelsohn

Senior Volunteer Services Corps Coordinator
Portrait of Allison Panila

Allison Panila

Program Manager
Portrait of Mitul Patel

Mitul Patel

Manager, Information Technology Systems
Portrait of Donna Thornton

Donna Thornton

Administrative Assistant
Portrait of Daniele DeGrandchamp

Daniele DeGrandchamp

Registration Services Assistant
Portrait of Montrell Cade

Montrell Cade

Program Manager
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