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Tour Routes

The Welcome Desk provides tours on three standard tour routes. If your group is interested in attending an event, exploring campus, or checking out other campus buildings not visited during the tour, please note that when you request your tour. The tour routes shown below can also be reversed for your convenience or changed due to time restrictions.

Visiting a campus academic building is a common request from many groups. While we do not anticipate that groups will be unable to visit one of our academic buildings, we cannot guarantee that all groups will visit an academic building. In order to ensure that we do not disrupt ongoing classes, tour guides will make a case by case decision about whether or not tour groups are able to visit an academic building.

Welcome Desk to Welcome Desk

tour route starting and ending at the Welcome Desk

Welcome Desk to The Stamp

tour route starting at the Welcome Desk and ending at the stamp

Welcome Desk to South Campus Dining Hall

tour route starting at the Welcome Desk and ending at the south campus dining hall

visitor guide link

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