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On-campus Accommodations

On-campus Accommodations

Summer guests are housed in Residence Halls. The University of Maryland is home to 37 residence halls, capable of housing approximately 8,900 individuals. Hall types range from traditional facilities to suites and apartments. A general overview of residence hall housing can be viewed here.

Important Note: While most of our facilities are ADA compliant, please arrange for accessible housing prior to arrival.

Community Living

The University of Maryland campus is divided into four regions: North Campus, North Hill, South Hill, and Leonardtown. Each region is divided into communities of buildings that share common facilities and services.

Traditional Lodging

  • In traditional residence halls, bedrooms are situated along a hall and share common floor bathroom facilities.
  • Most traditional housing is air-conditioned.
  • Many traditional halls have recreation rooms and common floor lounges.
  • Traditional halls are located on North Campus, North Hill, and South Hill.

Suite-Style Lodging

  • Suite units have a combination of single and double rooms sharing common bathroom and living space (Think of apartments without a kitchen).
  • All suites are air-conditioned.
  • Suites house 4-8 people.
  • All suites are located in the South Hill Community.

Apartment-Style Lodging

  • Apartments have a combination of single and double rooms sharing common bathroom and living space as well as fully-functioning kitchens.
  • All apartments are air-conditioned.
  • Apartments house 4-8 people.
  • Apartments are located on South Hill Community and in Leonardtown.

What to Expect in Your Room When You Arrive

  • Each bedroom is equipped with a twin bed, bureau, desk, and chair for each participant assigned to the room.
  • Standard linen service is an option for short term guests. We provide 1 pillow, 1 pillowcase, 2 sheets, and a blanket. (Sorry, we don't make the bed.) Towels may be exchanged daily and sheets may be exchanged weekly at the hospitality desk. Long-term linen packs may be purchased for long-term guests. Each pack contains 2 sets of bedding, 1 pillow, and 1 blanket. (There are laundry facilities in every community to wash bedding.)
  • Daily housekeeping service is not provided. (Rooms are cleaned prior to a group's arrival.) Common areas (bathrooms, lounges) in traditional halls are cleaned daily.
  • Telephones are provided in suites and apartments, at a group's request. On-campus and local calls are free. A calling card is required for long distance phone calls.

Laundry Facilities

Every community has a laundry room with washing machines and dryers available at a cost. (Check with your hospitality desk for current costs.) Many buildings have their own laundry rooms.

Hospitality Desk

Security in Residence Halls

  • The University takes security very seriously.
    (Statistics available at Department of Public Safety.)
  • All residence halls require an electronically-coded card for access.
  • Many elevators require them as well.
  • All exterior doors are equipped with timed alarms so they can not be propped open.
  • All bedrooms have locks.

Fraternity and Sorority Houses

The University of Maryland owns 21 properties that are leased to Fraternity and Sorority alumni corporations for use by their members. Some of those chapters make their houses available for use during the summer months. Contact the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life for more information.


We currently do not offer summer housing to individuals. If you are not eligible for summer school housing, we suggest pursuing subletting opportunities. The Off-Campus Housing Office maintains a database of available area rentals. If you are looking for short term accommodations, you can contact our local hotels.

Registering for Housing?

We do contract with groups to accept housing registration for their participants. Click here to see a list of those groups and links to housing information.

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